Circumcision does not prevent HIV

Dr. Edell discusses the problems with the study in Africa about Circumcision and HIV:

  • Condoms prevent HIV not circumcision
  • It was found that providing soap and water was just as effective as circumcision
  • The United States has the highest numbers of circumcised males of all the western countries, and the United States also has the highest rate of HIV than all the western countries

Argument against the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Biased and Superficial Studies on HIV in Africa

International Physicians Protest Against American Academy of Pediatrics Policy on Infant Male Circumcision


Keeping the Foreskin Promotes Monogamy

Circumcising males actually promotes unhealthy promiscuous sex.

The foreskin actually absorbs vaginal secretions to create a wonderful pair bonding effect and a healthy psychological state of happiness.  This connects the man and woman more strongly and more emotionally.  Thus the foreskin promotes a desire in men for commitment.

Men who were circumcised tend to be less satisfied with their sexual experiences and more disconnected from the women they are sleeping with so they move from one woman to the next thinking it’s the woman’s fault they are not fully satisfied and happy.

From a religious standpoint, the uncircumcised penis gives men the ability to have sex the way God intended it.

Foreskin is Self-Cleaning

This is from Yahoo Answers:

Is the foreskin really self-cleaning?

I read that people say before that it’s self-cleaning. Is that really true? It says online that it has many immunological functions. Others say that it’s not self-cleaning and that you have to wash every day.

Best Answer:  Merlin gave a good response. For the most part, the foreskin cleans itself during urination, however as you age, it is always a good idea to take the three seconds in the shower to retract and rinse it each day.

Up till puberty, the foreskin and glans are fused together by connective tissue called Synehcia. This seals the area under the foreskin, keeping out dirt, and bacteria. If the foreskin was not self cleaning to some extent, it would collect the variety of dead skin cells, urine deposits, and seminal secretions that happen each day,….

Women produce on the order of five time the amount of vaginal secretions than men produce, and they are expected to take the time to ensure their genitals are kept clean. It takes far less effort for a man to retract his foreskin and rinse it under the shower, than it takes a women to clean in the vaginal folds.

The foreskin/glans combination produce a powerful anti mmicrobialcompound called Langerin. Langerin wards off bacteria, and keeps this area clean, and disease free. Circumcised men miss out on all this life long protection.

Go to: and read about the reason and function of the foreskin. You will see how much better off intact men are than circumcised men.

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On Pub Med

Langerin is a natural barrier to HIV-1 transmission by Langerhans cells.

Circumcision and HIV

Circumcision May Actually Increase the Risk of HIV:

Researchers has discovered that the foreskin may actually protect the body from infection by HIV.

The inner foreskin of uncircumcised men has Langerhans cells, which produce a protein called Langerin. When HIV tries to attack, Langerin “eats up” the virus before it can attack the host.

When the foreskin is removed, the penis is left defenseless without Langerin, making it even easier for HIV to infect the immune system.

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Even in Israel More Parents Choose Not to Circumcise their Sons

After two Israeli Jewish parents did some research, they learned the truth and changed their perspectives on circumcision.

The mother quoted:

In any event, it is worth dwelling on research relating to the connection between circumcision and AIDS. The subject is particularly interesting because a consensus exists among both advocates and opponents that circumcision does reduce the risk of contracting the disease. The key debate, then, is over the question of whether circumcision represents a solution per se to the AIDS epidemic.
Proponents of circumcision claim that it reduces the prospects of contracting the disease and can therefore help reduce its spread. The approach of the opponents is reflected in Galit’s question: “Am I supposed to tell my son that because we circumcised him and reduced the chances that he will get AIDS by half, that he can use a condom only once every two times he has sexual intercourse?” In short, she says, this is a ridiculous argument.
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The father quoted:

“All my life I have treated my circumcised sexual organ as something natural, as though this is how I was born,” Sadeh says. “But when I looked into the subject in connection with my son, I reached a point where I could no longer avoid thinking about myself, about how my body was mutilated. It was a horrific experience which even women who are against circumcision are incapable of understanding. It is hard for a man who underwent circumcision to internalize fully the meaning of the loss. The part of my sexual organ that was cut off contains the highest and most sensitive concentration of nerves on the penis. The foreskin is a third of the skin of the sexual organ and in the adult male reaches an average size of 10×15 centimeters. That is a tremendous amount of pleasure-making skin that is lopped off.
“Today I realize that my parents caused me to have a scar on the sexual organ. It’s hard to be understanding about that. Suddenly my parents’ rationale − that everyone does it − becomes one that I would not be capable of presenting to my son.”
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A man who compares his sexual experience before and after circumcision:

Yuri, 26 ‏(not his real name‏), a student at the Technion − Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, was circumcised when he was 16. “I was seven when we came to Israel,” he says. “I was not circumcised in Russia because I am not a Jew − my mother is not a Jew, but my mother’s father is, and that made it possible for us to immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return.” It was only when he was 15, Yuri says, and started to have sexual relations and confessed to his first girlfriend, a native-born Israeli, that he was not circumcised, that he started to feel there might be a problem. “I realized that having to tell about it every time anew was going to be a burden, and I didn’t want to have to deal with that,” he says.
Yuri asked his mother to arrange for him to be circumcised, and together they looked for a private doctor. The procedure was carried out under a local anesthetic, but contrary to what Dr. Daniel Shinhar says and to the prevailing opinion, Yuri does not recall the event as traumatic. He went back to having sex with his girlfriend, but then realized that “the feeling in the sexual contact was affected, it was wrecked. There was a great deal less sensitivity and I needed a higher level of stimulation to reach erection. Two years ago, when I entered the Technion, the subject started to bother me. I am a person who often looks back, and unfortunately I cry over spilt milk. I understood unmistakably that I had made a mistake. I was 16 and I was an idiot.”
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